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Neil Felton artist/ author 
phone NZ 07 3154044

Born in Auckland, now living in Opotiki, Bay of Plenty, where there is more sunshine, tui, kereru, bush, fruit and even more ocean.
I have created this new site as a vehicle for launching years of work - mainly painting and writing.
Born in 1942, some would say, I've had a good innings, but the game goes on. Time to put a few things together, past, present and the future.

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Please use "contact" and give the painting code(s) in the enquiry box. I will be straight back to you with purchase options.
I've had a varied carrier, but painting is the one thing that has driven me more than anything else. If I'm not painting I'm looking and thinking about painting. There's a freedom in painting, much like in music. At its best, I get that feeling of freedom when writing too. You can't really divorce one thing from the other; there's always a composition that flexes as it develops and demands what comes next. Painting has taught me more about that than anything else, given me more confidence to let it happen. I start with an idea, an outline from real life or a photograph, and loosely begin a wash with a couple of colours, adding another as the composition demands.
Hope you enjoy a selection of my paintings on this site. If you have a querie about any of them, you can use the four character identification code in your querie.

Thank you for your interest.

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It's like painting, except it's words rather than colour. It is more challenging, I find, and I like that. Colours are not so ambiguous, though one could ague that point; no colour is constant. Everything is seen in context. Words about words can be very boring, however, so I musn't rave on. Mind you, I did enjoy aspects of my philosophical studies - always questioning things. I'll try to keep the questioning to myself. To be suggestive, as a writer, is probably more effective. I enjoy writing what  I call poetry, and story telling.

Thank you for getting this far.

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I have recently built a site for our local art society, not dissimilar to this one in layout. Have a look at
Another of my sites is at