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Art-is. Artis, the name of my domain.

Art to many, is an elitist thing. Oh, I work in the arts, I am an artist.
I do like the idea of art as a matter of aesthetics, but it is much more than that.
Art, at the root and in the broadest sense, is be. Nothing elitist about that. Thou art. Thou be.
There are many meanings of art and many associated words.
I like the word, artistry. Dictionary dot com gives the following similes for artistry: style, finesse, ability, mastery, accomplishment, brilliance, proficiency, genius, workmanship, talent, flair, virtuosity, touch, taste, artfulness, creativity
Art is the essence and the product of artistry. Art just is. Art is being oneself, following ones innermost voice, as the trees do, as everything in nature does; being in tune. Being aware, awake, super conscious, is the closest we can be to perfection, to brilliance. Everything is innately intelligent and has the urge to be better, to survive and to thrive. That is the art of life.

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Art is in the making, the aroma and the drinking.
Art is. 

What is my art?
I am forever looking for the next painting. My latest, below, was from a scene with a small boy chasing seagulls. It was the narrative that drew me to it, more so than the aesthetics of it. There was something poetical about the action and the scene, the little boy, all arms and legs, after the fleeing seagulls, in danger of tripping on the tree roots at his feet.

Once a painting is done, it is done, I thought. This below is an exception, brought back to life, originally painted when I lived in Auckland.