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The poems are free to copy and distribute (share), provided they have my name and website attached.

For all the people

a novel
for all
the people

like lennon
No lies
Do listen

the script
as it
is written

a novel
for all
the people

Neil Felton -

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The picture below was taken in Mumbai, India, and the next three poems were written there.

Mumbai cricket

( July, 2019 )

pavement cake

Slick city greys
Bayonet black beak
Black beady eyes
and tails

It’s smart rapper
Crow, eating
pavement cake
and moss to go

And my audience
I spy
watching mwa
centre stage

Pale face
with hand bag
Why not
Mr Crow

On stage
of concrete
Marble, bamboo
and mud

There’s cricket
of course, Mr Crow
on the green

Pale face
In Mumbai
it’s brown

*(In city park. See pic above.
Might not be grand
but the enthusiasm is there.)

Neil Felton -

( July, 2019 )

Mother Mumbai

(The affluent
and the effluent)

Sweet steamy heat
anoints with oranges
papaya, banana
Spices n herbs

While streaks
of urgent acid
vent dire
Metamorphic issues

Street people
asleep in
Mother Mumbai’s
luring heat

Neil Felton -

( July, 2019 )

Street Speaks

Crow sounds
the wakening prelude
in Eb minor
with a ninth

Squawk! Caw caw
Caw caw, squawk
Beep, a bike announces
beep beep, joyfully

Craww, crow calls
Barp Barp
says car on horn

Beep beep, barp
beepitee beep beep
Barp Barp!

Inside park
on picketed grass
Wee squirrels only
leave no mark

No walking on grass
humans and dogs
moved on

To seamless
of traffic
on steroids

Inside concrete
ventilator whirring
Still the street
speaks, beepitee beep, squarrk!

Mumbai, Mumbai
I’m on the beach
Beautiful sea breeze
Sand and all

But water’s edge
I fear to tread
To life’s end
in crawling refuse

The country, they say
they say
Is wonderful

With teeth new
I gratefully grimace
Down runway to lift off
Home again mate

Neil Felton -

( December, 2018 )

My bike and I

My bike and I
on canvas career
crisply born
pails of light

Fall to bends
spring again
Tip toe o’er
the felt

Fine lines
fat spaces

Lofty scents
condition of
Rock n roll

Memories distant
as the milky way
Give way

Neil Felton -

( December, 2018 )

De is here

De is here
Man or Woman
all De
no he nor she

It’s in the book
by yours truly
in the book

Take my word
it’s yours
yours, yours
Years of quaint accent

Yours and Yours ago
we broke the mold
made the bread
lost the thread

Money gone
page Yenom
the book
of time

On our own
far from home

Moving on
lost the bread
that’s the thread

No excuse
No blame
No regret
No shame

Hands on heads
for bed time
we were told

Moms and Dads
Girls and Boys
pink and blue

Girls line
Boys line
clothes line
fishing line

No excuse
No blame
No regret
No shame

De is here
Man or Woman
all De
no he nor she

No more secrets
nothing to hide
reveal all
stand tall

Neil Felton -

( Spring, 2018 )

De Considerate

De Considerate
doesn’t know
sees but doesn’t know
hears but doesn’t know
forms a picture
a movie
moving on
with and without
lending a hand
conducting the band

Neil Felton -

( Spring, 2018 )

Love you all the same

Two can make it more or less
one can make it just right-
buying time without a mate

Love you all the same

Neil Felton -

( Spring, 2018 )

Sing bird

Sing bird
of the air
Toll the bell
for all to hear

Over here
over there
Just so
Just so

Tweet and
watch it go
Indifferent words

Swing it
over here
Just so
Just so

Sing bird
of the air
Toll the bell
for all to hear

Neil Felton -

( Winter, 2018.
ver 3, 1911 )

Whose shoes

Always right
Can’t be wrong
Dirty word that

Wheels spin
Chassis swing
from a tree

Stuff it
Ram it
Jam it

Toss it
Take it
Dam it

Drop it
Feet up
Before TV

To sleep

Of others

And owing
The boss

Whose shoes
His means
will fill

Neil Felton -

( Winter, 2018 )

stumps me

Stumps me
says tree
I’ve been here
since elementary

last of
nature’s stand
wide view
of the sea

watery ways
that bore us
for what?

To grow
TVs and PCs
as microwaves fade
and oil recedes

Stumps me
says tree
would I be
if tall again

bald head
in the sky
missing lines

bird’s sing
in perfect pitch
from tree tops
not stumps

Old salt
from the sea
trails you leave

I remember
foot to ball
willow on hide

stroke play
stumps call
bales brake
cup of tea

Stumps me
says tree
I’ve been here
since elementary

Neil Felton -

( Winter, 2018 )

Winter tree

winter tree
with attitude
stands tall
and naked

glint of eye
baton raised
to the weather

Neil Felton -

This universe

Immense, minute
vacuous, tranquil
mindfully populated
with packaged matter

Questions begging
parasites and prickles
this universe
sings of many things

Beginnings, endings
spinning still
mindfully populated
with packaged matter

Neil Felton -

Old Lovers
Holding hands

They face
the front
where teacher
points out
pitfalls of
red hoods
and wolves

They Look up
they look down
side by side
holding hands

Cows, asphalt
fluffy clouds
all day

allays cold
waking hand
of the sea

Neil Felton -

The following "Oh Glorious Lady" was special. It was a long time ago and a long way from home. It was written pretty much in one splurt, rhyme and all. Around that time I was avoiding rhyme at all costs which also made it unusual for me. The ego was high, thought I could fly. Hoped I could. I was standing on shaky ground. It's probably the only poem I have written that has been so indelibly imprinted on my mind. 

Oh Glorious Lady
you stand so tall
as you tiptoe through
my empty mind

you pick me up
in your feathered tree
with your smile
your eyes so pure to see

you dance and sing
of a fire that glows
that draws me near
that I might hear
your inner voice
of joy sincere

Oh dearest lady
do you wish to share
all this with me
that I may be
with you and see
through peaceful eyes
beyond the mist
beyond all lies.

Neil Felton -