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BISCAL classification: Fiction/Visionary & Metaphysical (FIC039000)
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Yenom, is based on a journey I took from New Zealand to Europe with a group of artists. That trip, a long time ago, is like a dream, hard to believe at times. I strive for that “dream reality” in my painting and my writing - so real it seems unreal, or so unreal yet somehow real.

Seth, the main character in Yenom, is a budding artist, looking for that magic. When he arrives in Limburg he gets more than he bargained for. The artist friends he meets up with, insist they don't know him. Well, it's all a joke, isn't it. No, it is more than that. Someone or something has tampered with people’s memories. He plays detective trying to find out what has happened. There is a script to be published. Maybe the answer is in there.

Limburg, where he is staying, is a wonderful, aesthetically beautiful place - of the future, maybe - like another world. Seth is lulled into the local ways and forgets his concerns – people change from day to day, that's OK.
There are two women in his new life, mother and daughter; they have special powers, and Seth feels special in their presence. They know a thing or two. They know a thing or two alright, which jogs Seth's memory, and he's thinking , what the hell am I doing here.

It is winter, a freezing northern winter, forest white and lifeless, birds flown south, and he must return home. If only he knew where home was...

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Sometime ago I stated that The BISAC code for Yenom was Magical Realism, and that it could also be classified as Speculative Fiction. Maybe that works, but I have since updated the BISAC classification to - Fiction/Visionary & Metaphysical (FIC039000).

I have an issue with classifications in art, painting, writing, whatever. I do not write to fit into a classification, just as I do not paint to fit into a classification. I have been influenced by all manner of artworks and life in general, and when I have something to say it is formulated, outlined, and created as the medium dictates. Yenom is a story based on real life as I have experienced it. Having said that, I have always been a dreamer - what if this, what if that. There is always an element of speculation. And some of it may be pure fantasy, but this too is based on experience, strange and personal as that experience may have been. Some of it is necessary for the composition; words are words, and they often have their way. My love of what I call poetry no doubt has its influence.
Having said that, Yenom is an easy read, I have been told. It can be read as a simple story, a journey, a sojourn in Europe.
In your dreams, is what my brother would say. But then he doesn’t read.
Perhaps he knows more about me than I do.

All the best, Neil F