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Recent ramblings:

Writing it down

He loved her and she loved him

though neither was game to say so

Upstairs she stayed
below he listened
to birds in trees
she overlooked to sea

To town she went
while he sat around
painting, dreaming
writing it down

...W.I.P. Neil

This universe

Immense, minute
vacuous, tranquil
mindfully populated
with packaged matter

Questions begging
parasites and prickles
this universe
sings of many things

Beginnings, endings
spinning still
mindfully populated
with packaged matter

...W.I.P. Neil

Old Lovers
Holding hands

They face
the front
where teacher
points out
pitfalls of
red hoods
and wolves

They Look up
they look down
side by side
holding hands

Cows, asphalt
fluffy clouds
all day

allays cold
waking hand
of the sea


The following "Oh Glorious Lady" was special. It was a long time ago and a long way from home. It was written pretty much in one splurt, rhyme and all. Around that time I was avoiding rhyme at all costs which also made it unusual for me. The ego was high, thought I could fly. Hoped I could. I was standing on shaky ground. It's probably the only poem I have written that has been so indelibly imprinted on my mind. 

Oh Glorious Lady
you stand so tall
as you tiptoe through
my empty mind

you pick me up
in your feathered tree
with your smile
your eyes so pure to see

you dance and sing
of a fire that glows
that draws me near
that I might hear
your inner voice
of joy sincere

Oh dearest lady
do you wish to share
all this with me
that I may be
with you and see
through peaceful eyes
beyond the mist
beyond all lies.


Excerpt from Yenom:
"So, we are all going on holiday are we, and living on fresh air," the nose chuckled...

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