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Art-is. Artis, the name of my domain.
Art is everything, art is creation. And everything is beautiful, even the ugly.
Not so long ago we would greet one another with, art thou well, meaning be you well.
Art means be, be conscious, be the best, be yourself. What else can we be? 

Art is in the writing and comprehension of a book. Art is in the digging of a hole - efficiently, with finesse, of course.

For the intellectual, it is a matter of aesthetics. 

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Art is in the making, the aroma and the drinking.

Time can be an issue
when you have something to prove
to yourself no less
when the day is through

She knew that
and left him alone -
sometimes he helped
sometimes she listened

He loved her and she loved him
but neither dared to say so
W.I.P. NF