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Neil Felton is a writer, painter and student of music.


03 April, 2018.  The book. The book. Negotiating the first print, I said last September. Well, plenty has happened, but still no book. The journey goes on. I've posted the latest cover design. It is happening. More polishing. The excerpts here are several versions old. Like the cheese, it takes time.

22 January, 2018.  Last minute changes to the book - again. This Thursday, 25 January, is the last day for Opotiki Art Society showing. I have some paintings down at the Hall and will be there Thursday morning, 10 to 1pm.

24 November, 2017.  See my painting, Vedder Rd, below. This is one of two paintings showing at Whakatane Arts, 200 The Strand, Whakatane.
My thanks to Whakatane Arts and Opotiki Art Society.
I am working on the cover for my book, and negotiating the first print.

12 September, 2017.  I am still working on my novel and as much as I'd like to set a date for publishing - it will happen - I must take it a day at a time. I'm getting there - again, again, again. I'm polishing. Starts with a p, like publishing. Of recent I have also been working on this site. I have been creating different wall colours for my paintings. My paintings will hang well on neutral coloured backgrounds, but these wall colours I think look especially nice too. The paintings are on boxed canvases, mostly unframed. I have put a digital border around some to show how they could look with a coloured wood frame. Hope you enjoy them.

28 July, 2017.
The Society of Artists, Opotiki was an exciting outing for me. Thanks to members and public for your positive feed back.
I have recently received my novel manuscript back from my editor - it has been a long wait but well worth it - and so it's head down and revising. I am thoroughly enjoying this phase of work, aided by Scrivener, writer/ editor software. I don't know how I have done without it - magic.

7 July, 2017. Tomorrow, Saturday 8th, some of my painting are being featured in the Society Art Centre, King Street, Opotiki. Closes July 12 so be quick if you want to see some of Opotiki's local talent. Art works, that is.

30 May, 2017.
All art work at Art on Commerce St is now up for tender!

29 May, 2017. Not long to go at Art on Commerce St, Whakatane. We will be closing 8th June and reopening in November, so do get down there to see this eclectic mix of works by artists in our district.

Some of my paintings are being featured at Art on Commerce Street. That's in Whakatane, opposite Guthrie Bowron. If you are by that way, do pop in and have a gander.

All the best.

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Vedder Rd, Ohiwa Harbour. It is a beautiful little street with beautiful trees and beautiful people.
This is my latest.
(presently showing at 200 The Strand, Whakatane.)
See menu for more paintings.

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While waiting for my book to be published, I find myself writing poetry. What follows is a work in progress

stumps me
says tree
I’ve been here
since elementary

last of
nature’s stand
with wide view
of the sea

watery ways
that bore us
for what?

to grow
TVs and PCs
as microwaves fade
and oil recedes

stumps me

bald head
in the sky
missing lines

bird’s song
In perfect pitch
beneath the bark

scratch bird
mark my words
show the world
what we’re made of

old salt
from the sea
trails you leave

Stumps me…

art is